Data Loading

Data loading and migration activities are a sensitive and important part of implementation projects. An important consideration here is that IBM's Maximo architecture prohibits back-end data loading (using standard back-end SQL scripting), because this completely overrides the business logic implemented in the system, and the process-based rules which the logic represents.

For these reasons, Maximo now features a Data Loader module, which ensures that all imported information goes through the same set of validation and processing rules as if it were entered by hand using the software front end. The same principle applies to MEA interfaces which can be used to import data from external systems.

Since this calls for a much more complex loading procedure (including analysis and tuning, plus adding new import rules by changing the Java code of Maximo business objects), the person performing this task must have strong Java/J2EE skills, as well as good insight into data structures that are necessary to maintain the quality and integrity of your data. This approach is essential to ensure that the data will load properly, without breaking standing object relations and data referential integrity rules.